Caitlin Long
22-year Wall Street veteran
Amber Baldet
Cofounder & CEO, Clovyr
Sowmya Gottipati
Vice President, Media Labs at NBCUniversal, Inc.
Brandon Elliott
Founder & CEO At Javvy Technologies Ltd
Bill Wise
CEO at Mediaocean
Yorke E. Rhodes III
Blockchain Engineering, Microsoft Corporation
Rob Nance
Managing Partner of CityBlock Capital
Obreahny O'Brien
Founder of Lenox.Group
Patrick Nielsen
Co-founder, CTO, Clovyr
Merav Ozair, PhD
Founder at CryptoNerve
Tianna Umann
Cross Domain Solution Architect SAO Blockchain Architect Office of the CTO, Americas | Microsoft Corp.
Alexandre Tabbakh
CEO and Co-Founder at Unikeys
Lauren DeLisa Coleman
Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst, Forbes Tech Contributor, Producer
Ameetess Dira
COO Inbot
Elaine Zelby
Growth and Product Marketing at ConsenSys
Douglas Schwartz
Founder & CEO | Dove Network
Morgan Polotan
Principal | Genacast Ventures | Formed in partnership with Comcast Ventures
Kevin Chen
Founder and Head of the IOTA Evangelist Network (IEN)
Vivek Chauhan
Business Development Lead at Viant
Brittany Mays Ng
Product Strategy Lead at Viant
Dan Guido
CEO of Trail of Bits
Andrew Levine
Content Director at Steemit
Steve Cerveny
Founder and CEO at Kaleido, a ConsenSys Business
Cherie Aimée
Director of Communications at ShipChain
Khaled Khorshid
Sushant Dutt
SVP & Head – Blockchain, Digital & Analytics at WNS Global Services
Peter Mcaliney
Executive Director of Continuing and Professional Education at Montclair State University (MSU)
Paul Dowding
Managing Director, Blockchain Solutions Lead, Strategy and Solutions Practice, Gartland and Mellina Group.
Renee Leibler
Co-Founder of Harmonic Chain
Ayesha Kiani
Managing Director At Republic Crypto
Kenneth A. Goodwin Jr
Senior Managing Principal and President at Jeanensis Capital Markets
George Musi
Executive Vice President – Head of Data, Analytics & Insights Blue 449


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